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Come! Let Us Reason Together with YOU!

LAMB Radio wants YOU to reason together with our

‘Five Hosts’ their ‘Co-Hosts’ their ‘Guests’ and ‘The LORD’

as they all discuss ‘Torah & News & Torah’

Show Hosts and Archives

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We practiced for 144 shows to get it just right.

Now that we’ve got it down pretty good,

we want you to join us as we ‘Reason Together’ with each other and The LORD!

We discuss the countless weekly ‘Haftarah’ topics.

We discuss the countless weekly ‘Brit Hadashah’ topics.

Then we take today’s news stories and run them through those weekly ‘Haftarah, Brit Hadashah and Torah’ filters.

We also discuss the countless weekly ‘Torah’ topics!

We know that YOU also have

some discussion in you,

some topics in you,

& some opinions in you

that are of great value to us and our listeners.

You too can ‘reason together with us’ by:

- discussing the topic

- giving your opinion on the subject at hand

- asking them to discuss another topic

We’ve made this show as interactive as LAMB Radio can handle:

1. Call by phone

- 1.828.919.9100 (Please only call during the ‘Let Us Reason Together’ show - thanks)

2. Come into the Chat Room (the chat room is only open during show times)

- click on ‘LAMBChat’ at the top of every page

- click here: LAMBChat to go directly to the page

3. Join us on ‘Facebook’

- and one of our co-hosts will check before, during or after the show

4. Email us your opinions and/or topics here

5. If you want us to look into other interactive ways to make the show better for you

- please email us here

Who are the ‘We’s?’ (Click on the day to see more info and archives of each show)

Sunday’s Host: James O’Hare (he has red hair - it’s the only reason for having him on the show)

Co-Host: AviGayle O’Hare (yes it’s James’ much better half but only for a time such as this)

Co-Host: G.I. Oh The Hebrew / Jo Cameron (need I say more?)

Monday’s Host: Mrs. Sandi Craig (the funnest person alive)

Co-Host: John Craig (could be Toonces the driving cat or TazHead the driving force behind weedeaters)

Co-Host: Dave Mathews (has a bit of an accent but we think he’s faking it)

Tuesday’s Host: Jamie Louis (not related, but looks a lot like Huey and Dewey)

Co-Host: Dave Mathews (we’ve established that Dave is from the south but can’t find any documented proof)

Co-Host: Sandi Craig (named after Sandra Dee - Sandi sounds just like her when she sings)

Wednesday’s Host: Dave Mathews (I think he’s a spy in the ‘House of Love’ - you never know what he’s thinking of)

Co-Host/Producer: Jo Cameron (watch this girl - she will take over LAMB Radio some day!)

Co-Host: Jamie Louis (if he were a rich man - there would be no money left for us!)

Co-Host: Jonathan Dade (dude - really?)

Thursday’s Host: Mark David Smith (there really is nothing funny to say about him - he’s cool but boring)

Co-Host: Sandi Craig (is she stalking me? Waiter - check please!)

Co-Host: Susan Hooge (the Queen of all Queens and never makes a scene cause she is ‘The Scene’)

Co-Host: Jo Cameron (si Jo es muy goodo que mucho como es tad usted?

See there you didn’t think I knew Spanish did ya Jo? Ha! Take that!)

Oh, and by the way, ‘The LORD’ is there every day!

(When two or more are gathered together… )

Overhauls Producer: Mark David Smith

Wife: Adina Smith

Location: North Carolina

Messianic Lifestyle: 21 years



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to join us interactively as we ‘Reason Together’ with One Another and The LORD!

And if you have anything at all to say or share

See (actually hear) you on-line!

(That’s such a stupid thing to say, ‘See you on-line’ when you know its radio. People can’t see you when you’re on radio! Why would you even think that? They would have to have a picture to hold in front of them while their listening if they want to see you while they’re listening to the show. I guess that maybe you could always broadcast yourself on Facebook LIVE and then everybody could see you while you’re doing your show but that really is the only way. I mean the show is done with Skype so I guess you could give out your Skype name and let everybody and their dog send you a request on Skype so you could invite them in while doing your show. Not the best idea though because after a calling a whole bunch of people onto your Skype call the bandwidth would start acting up and it would look like a satellite had exploded on your Skype and you wouldn’t be able to see anybody or even talk over the radio. It’s just not worth the trouble so why even try it? Could be done though.) (You know the dog Skype calls is not a bad idea though - might try that.)

Sunday through Thursday / 8:30 AM through 11 AM CST
Sunday through Thursday / 8:30 AM through 10 AM CST