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7/31/17 - Mark, Sandi, Susan, Jo, Ash

Women in Torah

8/10/17 - Mark, Sandi, Jo, Susan, Ash

Topic - Equal Rights

8/17/17 - Sandi, Jo, Susan, Ash

Topic …and your desire will be for your husband...." Gen 3:16  

Torah - Blessing and Curses

8/24/17 - Sandi, Jo, Nitza, Ash

Health From the Inside Out: Natural Remedies for Female Hormone Balance

Torah - Multiple Wives & the Torah Written on Your Heart

News- Solar Eclipse & Removing Statues

8/31/17 - Sandi, Ash, Jo, Nitza Moshe

1) Health from the Inside Out- How to take care of kidney stones naturally.

2) Haftorah - "racham" mercy & compassion

3) Torah - "the captured woman" - shaving of the hair & trimming of nails

4) News - "Texas Mom Dies Saving Her Infant Daughter"

9/7/17 - Sandi, Jo, Ash, Nitza Moshe

1) Health from the Inside Out- Assembling a 'first aid' kit of essential oils.

2) News- "First Grader Sent to Office for Mis-gendering Fellow Student"

3) Brit Chadashah- Luke 23:28-31 "Blessed are the barren..."

4) Torah - Writing the commandments on plaster & serving YHWH with joy.

9/14/17 - Sandi, Jo, Susan, Ash

1) Health from the Inside Out - How to make your own hand sanitizer and disinfectant

2) News- "Why loneliness can be as unhealthy as smoking 15 cigarettes a day"

3) Brit Chadashah- Luke 24:36-39 Seeing Yeshua in our circumstances

4) Torah - Deut 29:10 "From your wood-chopper to your water-drawer."

9/21/17 - Sandi, Jo, Sandi, Ash

9/28/17 - Sandi, Jo, Susan, Ash

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Host: Sandi Craig

Husband: John Craig

Location: Texas

Messianic Lifestyle: 9 years

LAMB Show: Host:

   ‘Walking in Spirit and Truth’

       / Tuesday’s at 9 PM Central

Ministry: Pastor:

   ‘Life of Worship Messianic Congregation’

Co-Host: Susan Hooge

Husband: Rod Hooge

Location: Canada

Messianic Lifestyle: Life

LAMB Show: Host:

   ‘Thursday War Room Prayers’

Ministry: LAMB Radio Board Member

   - Prayer Warrior

Co-Host: Jo Cameron

Husband: David Cameron

Location: Ohio

Messianic Lifestyle: 9 Years

LAMB Show: Host:

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    ‘Wednesday Let Us Reason Together’

Ministry: Prayer Warrior

Co-Host: Ash Soular

Husband: We’re waiting!

Location: New Mexico

Messianic Lifestyle: 8 Years

LAMB Show: Host:

    ‘The SoulFire Hour’

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