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Thursday’s Hosts

Host: Sandi Craig

Husband: John Craig

Location: Texas

Messianic Lifestyle: 9 years

LAMB Show: Host:

   ‘Walking in Spirit and Truth’

       / Tuesday’s at 9 PM Central

Ministry: Pastor:

   ‘Life of Worship Messianic Congregation’

Co-Host: Jo Cameron

Husband: David Cameron

Location: Ohio

Messianic Lifestyle: 9 Years

LAMB Show: Host:

    ‘Sunday War Room Prayers’

 - Producer:

    ‘Wednesday Let Us Reason Together’

Ministry: Prayer Warrior

Co-Host: Ash Soular

Husband: We’re waiting!

Location: New Mexico

Messianic Lifestyle: 8 Years

LAMB Show: Host:

    ‘The SoulFire Hour’

        / Thursday’s at 4 PM Central

Ministry: Musician

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