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8/1/17 - Jamie, Sandi, Dave

8/8/17 - Jamie, Sandi, Dave

8/15/17 - No Archive

8/22/17 - Jaime, Sandi, Dave

8/29/17 - Jaime, Jo, Sandi, Stephen Pidgeon

Getting back to the original word, was it written in Hebrew?

It is time for repentance!

9/5/17 - Jamie, Jo, Sandi, Tom Collins

God’s Judgement coming on the earth, the signs in the heavens, Revelation 12:1,2

What happens when you don’t obey the commandments in the land.

Finished with blessing will run you down!

9/12/17 - Jamie, Sandi, Tom

9/19/17 - Jamie, Jo, Tom, Dr. Sides

What do the Stars tell us? This is a must show to listen too, NOW.

What is the September 23rd Constellation telling? September 21st declared by the UN to be the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE.

The theme is “Together for Peace,Respect,Safety,&Dignity for all” that sounds like the prophetic words of 1 Thessalonians 5:3 could this be the beginning of the 7 years?

9/26/17 Jamie, Sandi, Tom, Dr. Sides

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Tuesday’s Hosts

Host: Jamie Louis

Wife: ?

Location: Oregon

Messianic Lifestyle: ? years

Ministry: ?

Co-Host: Sandi Craig

Husband: John Craig

Location: Texas

Messianic Lifestyle: 9 years

LAMB Show: Host:

   ‘Walking in Spirit and Truth’

       / Tuesday’s at 9 PM Central

Ministry: Pastor:

   ‘Life of Worship Messianic Congregation’

Co-Host: Dave Mathews

Wife: Brenda Mathews

Location: Oregon

Messianic Lifestyle: 20 years

LAMB Show: Host:

    ‘Manna From Heaven’

        / Friday’s at 4:30 PM Central

Ministries: Pastor:

    ‘Manna From Heaven Ministries’