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2/20/18 - No show today

2/13/18 - Jessica, Jaime, Victoria & Tom

2/6/18 - Jessica, Jamie & Tom

TORAH PORTION: Social Justice: social economics

BRIT CHADASHA: The provision of YHWH

 NEWS: Ron Paul: What the FBI/FISA Memo Really Tells Us About Our Government

1/30/18 - Jessica, Victoria & Jamie

1/23/18 - Jessica, Lex, Jamie, Victoria

1/16/18 - Jessica, Jamie & Victoria

1/9/18 - Jessica, Lex & Victoria

Torah Portion: can the cares of this world harden your heart

Brit Chadasha: is deliverance for us today? Can believers be possessed with demons?

News: Boycott Drive Puts Israel on a Blacklist

1/2/18 - Jessica, Lex, Jamie & Victoria

1). Torah Portion: Are YOU Stuck in M'dyan

2). Brit Chadasha: Wise Men are Lead to Y'shua

3). News: Is Elon Musk Right… Will AI threaten more than just our JOBS?

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Tuesday’s Hosts

Host: Jessica Arellanes

Location: California

Messianic Lifestyle: 18 Years

LAMB Show: Host:

   ‘Kol haKallah’

       / Wednesday’s at 4 PM Central

Co-Host: Jamie Louis

Location: Oregon

Messianic Lifestyle: ? Years

LAMB Show: Host:

   ‘Fishing 4 S.O.L.E.’

       / Monday’s at 10 AM Central

Ministry:  ‘Fishing 4 S.O.L.E.’

Co-Host: Victoria Lucas

Husband: Ryan

Location: ?

Messianic Lifestyle: 5 years

Ministry: Co-host

    of Crossing Over

             on Now You See TV

Co-Host: Lex Meyer

Wife: Amanda Meyer

Location: Oklahoma

Messianic Lifestyle: since 2010

Ministry: UNLEARN The Lies