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6/19/18 - Allan, Tom, Darryl & Jamie

Judges 11

Jephthah and Correcting the False Narratives in Our Lives

6/12/18 - Allan, Tom, Darryl, Jamie

Torah: Numbers 16

The Rebellion of Korah

6/5/18 - Allan, Tom, Darryl & Jamie

5/29/18 - Allan, Tom, Darryl & Jamie

Israel in the News: Gaza Attacks

Torah: Numbers 11:1-30, 12:1-15

The Spirit of Prophecy

5/22/18 - Allan, Tom, Darryl & Jamie

Torah: Numbers 6: 1-20

The Nazirite Vow

Brit Hadashah: Luke 1: 11-17

The announcement of the birth of John the Baptist

Aaronic Blessing

5/15/18 - Allan, Tom, Darryl & Jamie

Torah: The redemption of the Firstborn

Brit Hadashah: Jesus tempted in the wilderness

News: Jerusalem Day, US Embassy opens in Jerusalem, Gaza conflict

5/8/18 - Allan, Tom, Darryl & Jamie

Torah: Do you think / have you seen any of the curses or judgements outlined here befall Modern Christianity?

Brit Hadashah: “Get behind me Satan”…

5/1/18 - Allan, Tom, Darryl & Jamie

Torah: How do you Count the Omer?

Brit Hadashah: What is the waving of the two loaves?

4/24/18 - Mark, Tom, Allan & Darryl

Torah: Why has there always been a mediator between God and man?

Brit Hadashah: Did Noah's sons, their wives and Mary mother of Yeshua need a mediator?

4/17/18 - Mark, Allan, Tom and Darryl

Torah: Do we have our own definition of these terms today outside of Torah?

Brit Hadashah: Expecting the LORD to heal us according to His Word but not following up with his instructions

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Wife: Cristina

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Messianic Lifestyle: 30 years

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Ministry: Chameleon Church

Co-Host: Jamie Louis

Location: Oregon

Messianic Lifestyle: ? Years

Ministry:  ‘Fishing 4 S.O.L.E.’

Co-Host: Tom Collins

Wife: Retta Collins

Location: Oklahoma

Messianic Lifestyle: Forever

LAMB Show: Host:

    ‘The Secret Place’

        / Sunday’s at 2 PM Central

Co-Host: Darryl Weinberg

Wife: Milena

Location: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Messianic Lifestyle: 20 Years


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