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Wednesday’s Hosts

Host: AviGayle O’Hare

Husband: James O’Hare

Location: Massachusetts

Messianic Lifestyle: 12 years

LAMB Show: Host:

    ‘Israel My Delight’

        / Wednesday’s at 7 PM Central

Ministries: ‘Israel My Delight’ (YouTube)

   - ‘Israel My Delight’ Music Group

Co-Host/Producer: Jo Cameron

Husband: David Cameron

Location: Ohio

Messianic Lifestyle: 9 Years

LAMB Show: Host:

    ‘Sunday War Room Prayers’

 - Producer:

    ‘Wednesday Let Us Reason Together’

Ministry: Prayer Warrior

Co-Host: Jamie Louis

Wife: ?

Location: Oregon

Messianic Lifestyle: ? years

Ministry: ?

Co-Host: Tom Collins

Wife: Retta Collins

Location: Oklahoma

Messianic Lifestyle: Forever

LAMB Show: Host:

    ‘The Secret Place’

        / Sunday’s at 2 PM Central

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